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Uber is working on a TaskRabbit-like.


Sep 11, 2023 , ,
Uber работает над сервисом, похожим на TaskRabbit, в потенциальном расширении

Uber Technologies Inc. is developing a service akin to TaskRabbit that would let app users hire people to perform activities other than driving and delivery.

Hidden lines of code in the Uber iPhone app have been found to reference a potential new service with the codename “Chore. A person may be hired for a minimum of one hour by the code. Users of the app will be prompted to specify the type of work needed, how long it will take, and the desired arrival time.

The coding implies that the customer will be asked to enter the request address, watch it being sent, and then click a button to request it, just like when ordering a ride or food through the Uber app. Based on how long it takes to finish the task, the program will calculate the cost.

Although technical work on the expansion implies Uber is exploring such a move, the code, which was found by developer Steve Moser, is still in its early phases and does not provide samples of possible work. There is also no certainty that the business will finally deploy such a service. The business frequently evaluates brand-new functions in a few areas, but it is not now evaluating comparable offerings.

Uber is developing an AI-based chatbot to speed up and enhance the ordering process at Uber Eats, according to prior code results.

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