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Walmart and DoorDash plan to end partnership

Walmart и DoorDash планируют прекратить партнёрство по доставке

Companies terminate four-year partnership

A four-year delivery collaboration between DoorDash Inc. and Walmart Inc. has ended.

“We decided to split up. In an email, Walmart said, “We would like to thank DoorDash for working with and supporting our consumers over the past few years.”

The retailer will continue to work with multiple suppliers

In 2018, Walmart and DoorDash began collaborating. It was previously reported by Insider that DoorDash informed Walmart earlier this month that the collaboration would terminate in September and that the arrangement was no longer advantageous to both parties.

The retail behemoth will keep working with a variety of suppliers, and its platform for independent contractors, named Spark, has grown to become its largest delivery service provider, able to reach 84% of US households with 7,000 pickup sites.

In a statement, a representative for DoorDash stated, “We would like to thank Walmart for their collaboration and look forward to continuing to expand and assist merchants in the next few years with our leading market and platform solutions.”

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