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Walmart takes the first step into the metaverse.


Oct 2, 2022 , ,
Walmart делает свой первый шаг в метавселенную с виртуальными мирами в Roblox

The retailer offers music, fashion, and toys.

As they embark on their journey into the metaverse, Walmart Inc. will launch two immersive experiences on the Roblox Corporation virtual platform on Monday.

Over 52 million individuals use the Roblox community every day, and a substantial portion of them are young people, who are particularly attractive consumers for big businesses.

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Our first effort in the metaverse is this one. We’re taking another step to connect with our customers in novel ways with this move, according to Walmart marketing director William White.

Roblox users will be able to shop for products for their avatars in Walmart Land using the money and badges they have earned on the game’s platform.

There will also be unlocking badges and tokens that can be acquired through games and tournaments; a Ferris wheel that provides a bird’s-eye view of the virtual environment; and more.

“This will be a fantastic chance for us to become more relevant, foster cross-cultural understanding, and foster community among Gen Z and our younger audience. According to White, all of these factors are important to brand value.

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