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Warner Bros. plans to offer sports for free on the Max service.


Sep 7, 2023 ,
Warner Bros. планирует предлагать спорт бесплатно на сервисе Max

Basketball, baseball, and hockey betting will draw new customers when Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. makes live sports available on its Max streaming service at no additional cost for a limited time later this year.

The March Madness college basketball tournament is broadcast on Warner Bros.’ cable networks, and the company talks about leveraging the games as a selling point.

Warner Bros., which owns the media rights to some of the most watched sports in the world, such as Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, is only now figuring out how to leverage these rights to its advantage. To ensure it has the right to broadcast them, the business is in discussions with the major sports leagues.

The majority of television revenue comes from live sporting events, which also demand expensive advertising. However, media corporations run the danger of weakening their profitable, albeit aging, cable networks by streaming widely watched sports.

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