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WhatsApp launches in-app purchase product


Aug 30, 2022 , ,
WhatsApp выпускает продукт для покупок в приложении с индийским JioMart

Users can shop for groceries without leaving home

In India, Meta Platforms Inc.’s famous messaging application WhatsApp launches a shopping feature that will allow users to explore and purchase groceries and other household goods without ever leaving the app.

Reliance Industries Ltd.-owned Jio Platforms, an Indian technology company in which Meta invested nearly $6 billion in 2020, and WhatsApp jointly unveiled the new product.

WhatsApp shopping is Mark Zuckerberg’s longtime goal

Despite costing $22 million, the social media juggernaut only purchased a small portion of WhatsApp’s overall business in 2014.

The app now generates revenue by charging some businesses to communicate with clients and by selling ads that show up in users’ Facebook or Instagram feeds before sending them to a private chat with the business.

Mark Zuckerberg is concentrating on WhatsApp’s considerably wider prospects for commerce and payments, particularly in developing nations like Brazil and India.

In the opinion of Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, “WhatsApp confirms JioMart’s commitment to providing millions of Indians with an easy and convenient way to shop online.”

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