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Which three cryptocurrencies are worth investing in now


Oct 25, 2021
Which three cryptocurrencies are worth investing in now

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The current year was quite bright for traders who chose the cryptocurrency market as their income, first of all we are talking about bitcoin.com investments. This year Bitcoin has added 100 13%, even taking into account the drawdown that was in the market for several months.

Bitcoin was tacitly called digital gold and an asset that will help save your savings from inflation, this is due to the uncertainty in other markets. We looked at the three main types of cryptocurrencies that will provide you with stability and income from the current time period. These are Etherium, Cardano and Solano.


Very soon the capitalization of the cryptocurrency will exceed half a billion dollars, this is due to the fact that Etherium is now also used as a network for creating smart contracts and DE-FI applications market. It is now the second largest cryptocurrency, judging by capitalization.

It’s no secret that some new cryptocurrencies are taking their foundation from the Etherium network.

Many investors perceive this cryptocurrency as a speculative asset, which in the long term can grow several times and will certainly be a protection against inflation. At first glance from 2 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Etherium should grow symmetrically, but if we compare in perspective, then Etherium will be much more attractive for investors who are interested in blockchain technology

If Bitcoin is seen solely as a means of preserving one’s funds, then Etherium is primarily interesting as a platform for innovation. It is on the basis of this cryptocurrency network that new projects have been and will be created. Of course, the number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin will continue to grow, but the growth of Etherium is predicted to be more intense, which will make many investors pay attention to this digital currency.

In the current year alone, this cryptocurrency has grown four and a half times and during this year in percentage growth has far outpaced bitcoin.com If we take a long term view, it is likely that Etherium will overtake Bitcoin in price at some point in time.


Bitcoin has created a furor in finance, now it has its own ETF, which has entailed a problem. Mining is a cryptocurrency that consumes a lot of electricity, opposing the mining movement for clean energy. It is clear that assets that do not require energy to mine would have an undeniable advantage.

Cardano differs in the way it is mined, but in comparison the electricity consumption is less, in fact, the miner must possess a certain amount of Cardano coins and is absolutely randomly given the right to create a new coin.

Cardano is a third generation coin that has been designed to correct all the shortcomings of previous generations of cryptocurrencies.


Solana is now practically the most popular coin on the market and it has grown in value by 500% in the last six months.

If the number 1 cryptocurrency has the main problem of scalability, speed and decentralization, for example the Bitcoin network is considered quite slow.

Cryptocurrency Etherium holds a central position, it is not as fast, scalable well, in all other criteria takes about an average position.

Solana on has very high speed, very good scaling, but not decentralized enough. This coin has its own blockchain.

This coin is interesting because it has the fastest and largest blockchain, but it can afford to have low transaction fees.At the moment, the number of processed transactions does not exceed several thousand transactions per second, and the cost of the transaction does not exceed a few tenths of a kopeck. The low transaction cost is due to the fact that it is triggered by one of the 1,100 validators. Theoretically, this increases the risk of network hacking, but in fact it just means that checking a transaction will be much faster, at least ten times faster than checking a transaction on the Bitcoin network.

At the moment, solano is a risky investment, but the growth of this cryptocurrency is assured.

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