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Why did Musk get rid of the Twitter blue bird logo?


Jul 25, 2023 , ,
Зачем Илон Маск избавился от твиттера и знакового логотипа с голубой птицей?

Elon Musk explained why he decided to change Twitter’s use of his recognizable bluebird emblem as a step toward making the company a comprehensive platform for communication and financial transactions. He says that developing a “comprehensive application” is his aim.

“It’s not just renaming a company,” Musk added. “It’s doing the same thing.” The name Twitter made sense when there were only 140-character messages, he continued, “like bird sounds made by sparrows.”

Musk claimed that the decision to change Twitter’s name and emblem came to him on the spur of the moment late last week. He requested ideas for a new logo from the audience, and one of the ideas was chosen to serve as the new corporate logo. This choice was made to enhance Twitter’s versatility and diversity to better serve users’ unique needs.

According to Elon Musk, Twitter will eventually become a platform that combines both communication and commerce. It seeks to develop a comprehensive program that would enable users to conduct financial transactions like stock trading, communication and content exchanges, and purchases of goods and services.

Musk’s choice demonstrates his determination to adapt Twitter’s business strategy to match evolving user wants. He wants Twitter to develop into a global platform capable of competing with other instant messaging services and online payment options. Additionally, it can create fresh chances for the platform’s monetization and user growth.

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