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Zacks Trade Reviews

Zacks Trade Review 2021: Pros, Cons & Comparison

Full overview

Zacks Trade is an online type brokerage company with a focus on clients who already have experience. It offers penny a share trading on a fairly reliable platform with fast order execution. It’s unusual, but the company offers free brokerage trades. It is optimal for clients who would like to get help with trading.

Zacks Trade is best suited for:

Traders making a high volume of trades.

For investors who wish to work with the company’s analysts.

For clients who wish to trade on world exchanges

For traders who prefer options trading

Pros and cons

Company advantages:

  • Extensive market research
  • Trading terminal with fast execution of orders
  • Access to different global exchanges

Disadvantages of this company:

  • High commissions
  • High initial deposit

For CFDs on stocks, the company charges only one penny per trade, for these assets your cost will be one percent of the trade, but not less than one dollar. This is a very interesting approach. As for options, the commission will not exceed one dollar for the first trade and $0.75 for each subsequent order.  As for the funds, the commissions will upset you. Be prepared to part with $27.5 each, but no other transaction fees.


The company has its own research center in which they prepare and analyze a large volume of information, and the client receives twenty or so reports and news bulletins at no charge. A paid subscription allows access to over eighty reports.

Trading platform

The company promotes three platforms developed by Interactive Brokers and branded by Zacks Trade broker, these are the downloadable desktop version of Zacks Trade Pro, which includes 120 indicators, and a research center for evaluating option trading profitability. Zacks Trader Online Store is a stripped-down version of the Pro platform that offers interactive charting, provides streaming data. There is also a mobile trading platform for clients who value freedom of movement and want to combine trading with their main job. The company provides its clients with access to the client’s cabinet, where you can see reports on past transactions, history of transactions, monitor the balance of funds on the account.

Short conclusion

Zacks essentially offers exactly the same functionality as Interactive Brokers, using a terminal developed by them. But what is the difference between these brokers? Zacks has put an emphasis on the quality of customer service, on working with live analysts. Of course, all this costs higher commissions.

This company would be the choice of those who have decided to tie their lives to the stock market, but want to make their first steps under the supervision of an experienced professional and are willing to pay more.

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